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St Super Tough Nylon And Delrin

St Super Tough Nylon And Delrin

Design Information Module II - DuPont USA

Design Information Module II ... The invention of nylon by DuPont in the early 30s, and its introduction in 1938, was a major breakthrough in polymer ... In addition to extremely low notch sensitivity, the super-tough nylons exhibit exceptionally high energy absorption

Zytel® Molding Guide - DuPont

Molding Guide nylon resin d Start with DuPont. Table of Contents ... Zytel® nylon resins are tough and withstand repeated impact. They are highly resistant to abrasion and to most chemicals. Molded ... Zytel® ST811HS General Purpose Super tough nylon 6. Highest toughness even at low temperatures.

Common Engineering Plastic Trade Names

SUSTAMID® 6/6 Extruded Nylon 6/6 DuPont Vespel® DuPont ULTRA POLY N Natural Grade Tecamid® 6/6 DuPont Vespel® SP-1 Unfilled ULTRA-WEAR ZYTEL® ST Super Tough DuPont Vespel® SP-21 15% Graphite Filled ULTRATEC®

The Engineering Polymers Portfolio: It Helps You Succeed

Getting tougher, super tough DuPont pioneered in the development of toughen-ing technologies for nylon polymers. The top of the line, Zytel® ST super tough nylon resin, is the tough-

Plastic Guide Eagle Gasket Eagle Gasket & Packing ...

Plastic Guide. Plastic Material: Rod Dia: Sheet Thickness: Machinability ... 1/4 to 4: 1: 195/210: General Purpose / Formable Economical / Machinable / Moldable: ACETAL / DELRIN: 1/8 to 12.010 to 4: 1: 180/220: Machinable / Economical / Good Wear / FDA / USDA / Good Impact ... NYLON ST801: 1/32 to 6.010 to 3: 1: 200: Super Tough Nylon / High ...

heat stabilized Super Tough Polyamide 66 Zytel ST801

DuPont Zytel ST(super tough) nylon resins Multiple Solutions to Fit Your Parts Needs The Zytel® product line contains a range of super tough ST and toughened T

Acetal, Nylon, PEEK, Phenolic, PTFE, UHMW Rhode Island

Rhode Island industries BIRS Machine & Supply is a distributor of Engineered Plastic sheet, plate, rod, tube & film.

heat stabilized Super Tough Polyamide 66 Zytel ST801

The Zytel® product line contains a range of super tough ST and toughened T grades to allow you to fulfill different requirements. Key properties are listed in the tables on the back page.

How to choose engineering plastics - ScienceDirect

Further important progress in this direction came with the introduction by Du Pont of "Zytel" ST super-tough nylon (see figure 1) in 1975, and more recently of "Delrin" ST in 1983. Figure 2 compares strength against stiffness, both for unreinforced and reinforced

Extruded Nylon ST - Plastics Intl

Extruded Nylon Tecamid® ST (Super Tough Nylon) Nylon was the first engineering resin. It has been used in applications ranging from electronic, marine, and automotive industries to fibers used to make carpet. Nylon has outstanding wear resistance and low frictional properties. It has very good

DCI485 Fracture Strength Of Materials

Zytel® ST801 super tough nylon, toughened Delrin® acetal, and polycarbonate resins are at the top of the list. In Table 1b ... comparisons between DuPont Zytel® ST super tough nylon and Delrin® acetal (toughened), plus polycarbonate, ABS, and high impact polystyrene (HIPS) in the

Dalatec Corporation - Thermoplastic

Natural Homopolymer Acetal (Delrin) Black Homopolymer Acetal (Delrin) Natural Copolymer Acetal; Black Copolymer Acetal; ... Kevlar Filled Nylon Type 6/6; Zytel ST-801 (Super Tough Nylon) Natural Cast Nylon Type 6MoS2 filled Cast Nylon Type 6; Heat Stabilized Cast Nylon Type 6;

Impact Resistant Plastic DuPont Polymers DuPont New ...

The super-tough nylon is reinforced with 33 percent glass-fiber. The four helmet parts made of Zytel ® are the top shell, the C-shaped strap around the head and two lateral shells. Their patented four-part designallows the helmet to fit the head better than a conventional one-part helmet.

Plastic Material Data: Acetal, Supertough Nylon, Nexlon ...

Nylon is however, a hygroscopic resin, therefore, physical properties will vary as the relative humidity changes. When dry, tensile strength is higher and impact is lower. When wet, tensile strength is lower and impact strength is higher.

Fda Approved: InterStatePlastics Search Results.

Delrin offers an excellent balance of properties that bridge the gap between metals and plastic. ... Nylon, UHMW, a 4x4" sample of Tivar HPV and a 3x3" sample of PT: ... Environmentally stabilized, super tough, cost effective industrial polymer sheet.

Plastics Trade Names from U-Z Plastics International

Look up plastics trade names from U-Z. Find alternative materials for plastic sheets, rods and tubes.

Nylon Plastic Washers Performance Punched Parts

This nylon has lower moisture absorption rates than nylon 6/6, hence superior dimensional stability. TECAMID ST Type 6/6 nylon based on Zytel Super Tough (ST) nylon in available in

Zytel® Nylon ST801 Nylon 6/6 Super Tough Sheet & Rod

However, nylon's one weakness is a propensity to absorb moisture and thus have poor dimensional stability. Zytel® ST801 NC010A is a general purpose Super Tough Nylon 6/6 resin. Zytel® Super Tough nylon has increased impact resistance and toughness over general purpose Nylon 6/6 resin.

Nylon Plastic - Polyamide Sheet, Rod, Film, Tube ...

A recent development in nylon toughening technology has resulted in the availability of super tough resins, such as Duponts Zytel ST. These materials are 17 times the notched impact resistance of conventional 6/6 nylon.

Super EuroBucket Products Tapco, Inc.

Super EuroBucket Super Tough Nylon. Designed to fit in elevators using Super Starco, Jet and other European-manufactured buckets, the Super EuroBucket can seamlessly replace your current buckets to immediately improve performance.

Premier Source for Plastics Worldwide - ORTHOWORLD

the premier source for plastics worldwide. We provide fast, safe product delivery anywhere, ... DELRIN* Acetal DELRIN* AF Acetal Dielux® (Acetal Copolymer PTFE Filled) *DURATRON® PI ... TECAMID ST (Super Tough Nylon) TECAMID HS (Heat Stablized Nylon)

Nylon - Laird Plastics

Tecamid ST - Super Tough Nylon was the first engineering resin. It has been used in applications ranging from electronic, marine, and automotive industries to fibers used to make carpet.

Nylon, Impact-Resistant Sheet and Rod (6/6 ST 801)

Nylon, Impact-Resistant Sheet and Rod (6/6 ST 801) Impact-resistant or "super tough" nylon has 15 times greater impact resistance than general-purpose nylon.

Dupont Zytel® ST801 (Supertuļ¬€ Nylon) - KENT Systems

If particles of Nylon 66 contact the eye, mechanical irritation with tearing, pain or blurred vision may result. CARBON BLACK Immediate effects of overexposure to Carbon Black by inhalation may include irritation of the nose, throat, and lungs with cough,

Nylon - Plastique Montreal Plastiques Piedmont

Made from type 6 cast nylon, TECAST cast nylon, available in a variety of grades, offers a combination of good mechanical properties, excellent bearing and wear characteristics, and the large-size capabilities of the casting process.

DuPont Engineering Polymers

DuPont Engineering Polymers Start with DuPont Processing Guide Typical Processing Conditions ... ST811HS Super Tough Nylon 6Heat Stabilized 612 Nylon 151L General PurposeLubricated ... GRZ, Flame Retarded Nylons, Delrin, Hytrel, Rynite, and Zenite *The processing conditions presented here are representative of those typically used or ...


Homopolymer Delrin AF* Sustarin® H Delrin® AF Delrin® AF Blend Delrin® AF Blend Delrin® 100 AF Blend Dielux® ... Cast Nylon Super Tough* Sustamid® GHI ... TRADE NAME CROSS REFERENCE FOR PLASTIC MATERIAL.

Ensinger - Laird Plastics

Tecamid ST - Super Tough Nylon was the first engineering resin. It has been used in applications ranging from electronic, marine, and automotive industries to fibers used to make carpet.

Claremont Polymer Shapes - Nylon

Claremont Polymer Shapes is a machine and conveyor parts manufacturer and supplier. ... For small parts, Super Tough NYLON ST801 provides very good results as long as high load bearing ... lubricated products such as MoS 2-FILLED EXTRUDED NYLON, MoS 2-FILLED CAST NYLON, OIL-FILLED CAST NYLON, DELRIN 500CL R, DELRIN A/F R and FULTON 404 R, can ...