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Australian Shepherd Coat Type

Australian Shepherd Coat Type

Normal Aussie Coat Coloring - Australian Shepherd Health ...

The breed standards state that Australian Shepherds can come in some combination of two basic body colors (black and liver), one pattern (merle), and two trim colors (white and tan.) Of these, the pattern merle is described as two colors: Blue merle and red (liver) merle.

A Guide to the Australian shepherd dog

Feb 26, 2018· Australian Shepherd appearance. Australian Shepherds can be between 18 and 23 inches tall. Typically, males weigh between 50 and 65 pounds. Females are slightly smaller, at 40 and 55 pounds. Their coat is mid length. They have some longer fur on legs, chest and tail. The double coat. The Australian shepherd has a double coat.

5 Best Brush for Australian Shepherd: Know How to Groom ...

An Australian Shepherd could have a short lengthen coat or longer lengthen coat. Most importantly they are water resistant. For having this awesome types of coat they need weekly grooming maintenance and for that, you'll need to go for the best brush for Australian Shepherds.

Miniature Australian Shepherd Breed Information & Pictures ...

Although the Australian Shepherd originated in Australia as a herding and working dog, the Miniature Australian Shepherd was bred first in the United States. This was largely in response to the dog owners desire for a well behaved herding type dog with the coat variations found in the Miniature Australian Shepherd that would be more suited to smaller living spaces and yards in cities.

Australian Shepherd Breed Information & Pictures (Aussie)

The Australian Shepherd is a double coated breed. The overcoat varies from straight to wavy to curly, and is of medium length and texture; it is also weather proof. Like all other double coated breeds, the undercoat is soft and dense. Most Australian Shepherds will blow their coat once a year in the early summer months, though some may blow ...

Everything You Need To Know About Australian Shepherd Mix

Coat Color and Grooming. The breed has a medium-length coat that will keep the dog comfortable during rainy and snowy days. Generally, species of the breed that live in areas with cold weather have a thicker undercoat. In addition, the coat of the Australian Shepherd Mix is resistant to water.

Australian Shepherd Appearance & Grooming

Appearance & Grooming of the Australian Shepherd Dog Breed: The average Aussie is about 2.5 feet tall, and has a medium body size. On average they weigh between 35 and 60 pounds. They have a thick, medium length, coat which requires regular grooming.

Breed Characteristics - Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is a medium sized dog with a coat of medium length. To the untrained eye the Aussie resembles a Border Collie, but is slightly larger and has a wider range of coat colours.

Australian Shepherd - Mini Puppies For Sale Puppy ...

The Miniature Australian Shepherd was first bred in the United States. This breed was created by breeding the smallest of the smallest Australian Shepherds. This type of breeding eventually produced a consistently small Australian Shepherd which was then called the Miniature Australian Shepherd.

Australian Shepherd Dog Breed Information, Pictures ...

Australian Shepherds are average shedders, and their coat needs regular maintenance, including weekly brushing to keep it clean and prevent matting, and possibly trimming to keep it looking tidy.

Australian Shepherd Colors and Markings

Australian Shepherd coat patterns come in solid and merle. Merle is the mottled blend of the dog's color (black or red) to a near white or white. Merle is the mottled blend of the dog's color (black or red) to a near white or white.

The two "types" of Aussies: Working V Show ...

The Australian Shepherd can be the perfect dog for any situation because of the wide variety of temperaments, sizes, and abilities, but if youre selecting a new dog, know what youre looking for and be aware that there is no single trait consistent across the types with the dog breed known as Australian Shepherd.

Characteristics of the Australian Shepherd-Border Collie Mix

The coat is long, like the Collie's, but may be similar in texture to the Shepherd's. Coat colors range from red merle to blue merle, black, beige, or white, with tan markings. Other coat patterns are spotted, brindle, and speckled.

Australian Shepherd Dog Breed Facts and Traits Hill's Pet

The Australian Shepherd Club of America was the main registry of Aussies before AKC recognition and remains a powerful force in the breed. Related Pet Care Articles Curly-Coated Retriever Dog Breed - Facts and Traits Hill's Pet

Australian Shepherd Lab Mix - Your Guide To The Aussiedor

Feb 12, 2018· An Australian Shepherd Lab mix is exactly what it sounds like is a hybrid dog breed that results from crossing a purebred Australian Shepherd with a purebred Labrador Retriever. In a nutshell, the Aussiedor is a working dog that may exhibit strong herding and/or retrieving tendencies.

Australian Shepherd Facts Every Owner Should Know VetBabble

The name Australian Shepherd may have originated from an association with Australian sheep. The Aussie has also been known by names as diverse as Spanish Shepherd, Pastor Dog, Bob-tail, Californian Shepherd and New Mexican Shepherd.

PuppyFind Australian Shepherd Puppies for Sale

Jan 01, 2003· The Australian Shepherds coat ranges from medium to long, with a dense undercoat. It can be straight or slightly wavy, and is highly weather resistant. The coat is short and soft on the head and legs, with a thick mane around the neck.

Australian Shepherd Dog Breed Profile Petfinder

The Australian Shepherd is not really an Australian breed, but came to America by way of Australia. One popular theory of the breeds origin begins during the 1800s when the Basque people of Europe settled in Australia, bringing with them their sheep and sheepdogs.

Color - Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute

Or use the search box in the upper right or the menu to the left to find information you want on coat and eye color in Australian Shepherds. Coat Color Genes

Paw Print Genetics - Tests for Australian Shepherd

Please select a panel or tests from the panel, or browse the tests found in breeds related to the Australian Shepherd. Please contact us if you cannot find the test you are looking for. There are additional tests from breeds related to the Australian Shepherd.

Miniature Australian Shepherd Dog Breed - Dog Learn

Mar 07, 2017· Miniature Australian Shepherd Breed History The Miniature Australian Shepherd has origins in the United States during the 1960's, although the name sounds otherwise. Around 1978, Doris Cordova, a rancher from California began selectively reducing the size.

What's the Difference Between the Australian Shepherd and ...

The Australian Shepherd was initially called by many names, including Spanish Shepherd, Pastor Dog, Bob-Tail, New Mexican Shepherd, and California Shepherd. An energetic breed with strong herding and guarding instincts, the Aussie requires daily vigorous exercise.

Australian Shepherds Coat Types - Australian Shepherd Tips

It is a medium-sized, fairly lightly built dog with a pointed snout, and many types have a The Australian Shepherd is a medium-sized dog with a weather resistant coat of medium texture It was developed by breeding smaller Australian Shepherds for the desired size. View Video

Aussie-Flat Dog Breed Facts and Information - Wag! Dog ...

Aug 25, 2017· The Aussie-Flat, a combination of Australian Shepherd and the Flat Coated Retriever, is a personable new hybrid that is not yet registerable with either The American Canine Hybrid Club or with the National Hybrid Registry.

How to Trim Australian Shepherds - PetCareRx

The Australian Shepherd is the perfect breed to have if you want a dog with low maintenance. They have a double coat that keeps them warm and needs very little trimming. Australian Shepherds are hardy working dogs with thick double coats that keep them warm and protect them from sticks, burrs and ...

Australian Shepherd - Wikipedia

Development of the breed began in the American West. The breed's foundation bloodlines are depicted in the Australian Shepherd Genealogy Chart showing the relationship between the early families of dogs. The American Kennel Club (AKC) ranked the Australian Shepherd as the 17th-most popular breed in the United States in 2016.

Coat Color ASCA - ASCA Australian Shepherd Club of ...

Coat Color The breed standards state All colors are strong, clear and rich. The recognized colors are blue merle, red (liver) merle, solid black, and solid red (liver) all with or without white markings and/or tan (copper) points with no order of preference.

Shalako Australian Shepherd Illustrated Breed Standard_Coat

The coat of the Australian Shepherd is medium in length, but is never so long as to obscure the clean-cut outline of the dog nor so short as to appear to be smooth. It is straight to slightly wavy, laying flat. The coat should not stand straight up off the body. The guard hairs of the outer coat are moderate in texture and are weather resistant.

All About the Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix; AKA ...

Australian Shepherd Poodle Health Problems. The Australian Shepherd Poodle is a healthy breed; however, they are prone to some conditions that are prevalent in their parent breeds. In addition, there is deafness linked to coat color inheritance and it is important to never choose a

What Kind of Coat Does an Australian Shepherd Have? - Pets

The Australian shepherd coat comes in four colors: blue merle, red merle, solid black and solid liver brown, called red in this breed. Blue merle dogs are gray dogs, ranging from light to dark gray with black splotchy markings.

Coats and Coat Colors of the Mini Aussie Well C Mini Aussies

coat types Miniature Australian Shepherds on average have a medium-length coat, adapted to protecting them while they herd, although coats can range from very thick and long to very short and thin. The coat can be straight, wavey, or even a bit curly or kinky.